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PC Dragon Age: Inquisition PC with Game-pad controls

Discussion in 'PC' started by Carel, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Carel

    Carel Guest

    I started playing Dragon Age Inquisition on my PC yesterday (21 November 2014) when it was released. After about 4 hours of not enjoying the keyboard/mouse interface, I decided to give my gamepad a try. This works much better for me.

    One huge problem I have though, is that I cannot figure out how to open the quest map while using the gamepad. With the keyboard configuration this is done by hitting the M key. The manual also is no help trying to figure this out:


    The funniest thing for me is: I can't find any references anywhere online that indicates that anybody else is having issues trying to open the quest map with a gamepad. I personally feel I cannot play the game without the map, as I'd be running around blind looking for quest locations. Naturally, I tried getting to the map from other windows that you are able to open, but to no avail. Is this perhaps something that could get patched (hopefully in the near future)?