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  1. Adele
    This is a simple game between two players. The goal is to chase and tag each other in 6 different maps. When the 200 seconds timer ends, the tagger loses. Make an advantage of the orange jelly that gives extra speed and pink jelly that you can jump through!
    Thanks for playing!
    -- Big Mobile Update! --
    + Mobile Enabled! (better to play on a tablet, though)
    + Improved event system!
    + New graphics!
    + Better camera movement (now only tracks the tagger)
    + Helping arrow (tracks the runner)

    Instruction: Desktop Controls:
    Red: A Go left, D Go right, W Jump, S Fall trough pink jelly
    Blue: Left arrow Go left, Right arrow Go right, Up arrow Jump, Down arrow Fall trough pink jelly
    Escape Go back to the Menu screen
    Mobile Controls:
    Red: Red Buttons
    Blue: Blue Buttons
    Home button to go back to the Menu screen
    Author: Joeriri