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  1. Adele
    You are Urt Bloodless, Orc Diplomat. Bring and end to war using your trusty hammer!
    Action platformer. You are on a mission of peace, so you can't kill you enemies directly. Instead conduct Orc diplomacy! Hit them with your hammer until they are no longer in your way.
    -Updated to fix sound bug and enable second set of levels.
    ----June 10, 2015----
    Updated controls! You can now swing your hammer with a left mouse click, and jump with a right mouse click
    Highscores attempt number one. Not sure if these are working yet, but there are now leaderboards for high score, and best overall time.

    Instruction: Move and Jump with [WASD] and the [Arrow] keys, Swing your hammer with [Q] [Left Mouse] or the [Spacebar].
    Press [M] to toggle the music on and off.
    Press W or the Up arrow to enter doors.
    Arrows can be deflected with your hammer.
    Collect treasure to increase your score.
    Author: Galactic Octopus