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  1. Adele
    You are Jake, a common teenager. You accidentally drank some expired milk, which resulted in hallucinations (yes, I know expired milk doesn't do that in real life). This game was inspired by a Knytt Stories map “Don’t Eat the Mushroom” by UncleSporky.
    - Silly environments!
    - Time and death tracking! Try to finish the game as quickly as possible, with as little deaths as possible!
    - Checkpoints (so you don't have to start over if you mess up)!
    - A few ridiculous ways to die!
    - Death messages!
    - Hardcore Mode, which disables checkpoints and turns the entire game into a death course! This mode requires INSANE platforming skills - try not to break your keyboard in anger!
    Issue tracker (report bugs and request features there)

    Instruction: Use a mouse to navigate through the main menu.
    Arrow keys - move
    Spacebar - jump
    X - interact with objects, skip through text, confirm choices
    You can quit to main menu anytime by pressing Escape.
    Author: Przemek32767