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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set Profile Cover?

Step 1: Select "Upload Cover" from your profile dropdown menu.


Step 2:
Click "Browse" button and select an image file you want to use for your profile cover. Then Click "Upload Cover" to upload file.


Step 3:
There is no Step 3. It's Done.

But if you would like to Update, Reposition or Remove your cover, just click on the icon at the top-left of your cover.


What is GamesNEXT’s Rewards program?

As a member of GamesNEXT, you can earn credits (GN) by contributing to the community. Once you have enough credits, you can choose Rewards and redeem. There are no time limits on credits redemption.

How do i earn credits?

Earning credits is easy and there are many different ways to earn credits at GamesNEXT. Below is the list of amount of credits you can earn from each action.

- Registration: 50GN
- Upload Avatar: 50GN
- Daily Log-in: 50GN
- Update Status: 10GN
- Get Follower: 10GN
- Receive Profile Post Like: 5GN
- Your Birthday: 500GN
- New Threads: 100GN
- New Posts: 50GN
- New Media: 50GN
- Thread get a Reply: 20GN
- Receive a Positive Rating: 20GN
- Share on Facebook/ Twitter: 10GN per share/tweet
- Invite your friends: 20GN per friend
- Review a game in Reviews section (at least 500 words): 5GN per word
- Add a new Item to Showcase section: 50GN

Please notice that credits will be taken if your action is reverted. You will receive Alerts every time credits are assigned to your account.

What kind of Rewards can i redeem?

Currently, we offer Steam games, Amazon Gift cards, download codes and more.

How do I redeem Rewards?

Once you get enough credits, you can start redeeming from our Rewards category.

1) Visit the Rewards category and choose a Reward you want.

2) Click on the “Redeem Now” button on the top. You will see a Confirmation pop-up message.

3) You will need to provide additional information to help us process your redemption in the Message text box. This step is required. The information could be your Steam ID, an email, your shipping address … you can check the Reward description for more details.

4) Click “Confirm” and Done.

If everything goes smooth, you will be redirected to Your Transactions page where you can check your transaction status.

Why is the order status "Pending"?

If the order status is "Pending", your order has been received, but has not yet been processed. For security reasons, it can take up to 48 hours to process your Gift redemption.

The status of an order will continue to display as "Pending" until it is being processed, is completed, or has been cancelled. You will receive Alert when your order status has been changed.

Why was my order Cancelled?

Cancelled: it means that we are unable to process your redemption for some reasons such as:
- Missing required information.
- Invalid credits.
- Out of stock.

We will contact you to explain the situation and help you resolve the problem if possible. Otherwise, a Refund will be issued. But please notice that Invalid Credits will be taken away.

My order status is "Processing", what does this mean?

Order status of Processing means that we have received your order and it is being processed. Your Gift will be delivered soon! Once it is delivered you will receive a notification.

My order status is "Completed", What does this mean?

Order status of “Completed” means that we have delivered your Reward. You will receive a notification. If your order status says completed and you have not received the Reward please contact us.